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About Us

About the St. Croix Chapter

The St. Croix NAVHDA Chapter was formed in 2007
by NAVHDA enthusiasts that wanted to see versatile
dog owners train to the highest capability of the
dog and handler and to present the NAVHDA
community with quality hunt tests.


Although the St. Croix Chapter may have periodical
group training days, the emphasis is for our
chapter members to break off into small satellite
training groups where each handler and their dogs
can utilize and maximize their training time,
schedules and opportunities. Upon joining the
chapter you will be given a list of member contacts,
bird sources and training ground locations. If you
are new to NAVHDA, have a new pup, etc., we will
assist you in finding an experienced NAVHDA
member(s) in your area to be a mentor in the
NAVHDA program and training.


The St. Croix NAVHDA Chapter will strive to host
premium quality hunt tests where the fields, water,
birds and personnel will be of premium quality to
assure handlers and their dogs the ultimate chance
at reaching their testing goals.